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Restaurants Near Lochgilphead

Argyll is famous for its ‘Taste of Scotland’ establishments. The fresh and the best of Scottish produce is tastefully cooked and invitingly presented. Many eating establishments specialize in local produce such as shellfish, beef, venison, and lamb. There are no Burger Kings or McDonald’s here, only the real Scottish Produce!

Eating Out, Around Lochgilphead

Argyll Arms Hotel, Chalmers Street, Ardrishaig, PA30 8DX. Telephone: 01546 602352.

Auchendarroch Hotel, Tarbert Road, Ardrishaig, Argyll, PA30 8EP. Telephone: 01546 602275.

Cairnbaan Hotel, Cairnbaan, by Lochgilphead, Argyll, PA31 8SJ. Telephone: 01546 603668, e-mail.

Crinan Hotel, Crinan, by Lochgilphead, Argyll, PA31 8SR. Telephone: 01546 830261, Fax: 01546 830292.

Grey Gull Inn, Glenburn Road, Ardrishaig, Argyll, PA30 8EU. Telephone: 01546 606017, Fax: 01546 606167.

Horseshoe Inn, The, Kilmichael Glassary, by Lochgilphead, Argyll, PA31 8QA. Telephone: 01546 606369, Fax: 01546 602305.

Lochgair Hotel, Lochgair, by Lochgilphead, Argyll, PA31 8SA. Telephone: 01546 886333, Fax: 01546 886333.


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